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Ambush Marketing - watch out!

With the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games nearly here means that many companies may be looking for an effective way to capitalise on international visitors and global TV ! But you need to be careful. LOCOG ( the London 2012 Organisation) responsible for delivering the Games will act fast to ensure that any form of ambush marketing will be penalised. That includes an unauthorised association using logos, trademarks and well known imagery.

LOCOG argue that many of their sponosrs have invested millions of pounds to secure sponsorship rights. Tier one sponosrs have invested around £50 million pounds per year in the run up to the Games. The London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act of Parliament, passed in 2006 has been passed to ensure that any ambush marketing at the London 2012 Games is against the law as it trades off against an event's goodwill or success.

London 2012 want to generate £70million profit from merchandising.In 2008, Beijing secured £99million with their 2000 official product lines, sold through 10,000 licensed stores helped by the five Fuwa good-luck mascots, created by artist Han Meilin. Athens in 2004 generated £37.5 million, Sydney in 2000 generated £31.7million down on Atlanta in 1996 which earnt £55.6million. Barcelona in 1992 earned £10.5 million according to the Independent. 

So be careful - take a look at .

The Chartered Institute of Marketing have published their own paper- Ambush Marketing and the Law.

Enjoy the Games, but be aware there could be a sting in the tail.