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Brand Skeletons

Recently Beko and Bosch appliances have hit the headlines for some appliance concerns:, Tesco and other supermarkets for horsemeat. Other brands have taken advantage of cheap labour in China - such as Mattel, Nestle;, Procter and Gamble and Mars.
Other companies that have hit the headlines in the CIM magazine 2012:
- Coca- Cola for ties with Maswati III
- Poor construction at Tesco store in Turkey
- BP in particular the Deepwater Oil Spill
- McDonalds for promoting a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match
- Unilever for exceeding their discharge consent in Scotland
- Exxon Mobil has been sued in Alaska for creating excessive emissions of CO2

Your customers are brand aware and highly sensitised to ethics and standards. make sure you live up to your brand values or suffer the consequences.