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The Downton Effect , Anglophenia and Wordnik

So who tuned into watch Downton at Christmas?


Who would have thought that the “Downton” effect would spread so far – not only into fashion but also across culture in both the UK and the US? Look at the impact !.

One blog –, is dedicated to translating British words and phrases. It has over a billion example sentences, 7,389,430 unique words, 238,573 comments, 183,938 tags, 121,572 pronunciations, 107,263 favourites and 1,339,689 words in 36,682 lists created by 101,553 Wordniks. It covers words used in the series transmitted on the US public service broadcaster PBS.


In the US, BBC America screens programmes such as Dr Who and British personalities. The British culture blog is Anglophenia.

It’s not just one-way “anglocreep”. We are adopting more Americanisms helped by the global conversations of Twitter and the internet.