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Employee Engagement, your Corporate Culture and marketing challenges

A recent survey by Deloitte UniversityPress identified that 87% of employees surveryed believed that employee engagement is important for their organisation. However only 33% thought that they were good at driving enegagement. The employee-work contract has changed, compelling business leaders to engage employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors. This is a shift from improving employee engagement to a focus on employee inclusion to help build an irresistible, trusted organization.

Five elements were seen to drive engagement:

  • meaningful work
  • hands on management including clear goals
  • a positive work environment
  • growth opportunity
  • a trust in their leadership

However Branding agency, Wolff Olins, has idenified employees today as "uncorporate individualists"  and the challenge for business leaders is to create an "uncorporation" where business leaders have to radically change their approach. For example the Wolff Olins reports cites the need to:

  • focus on inputs to create a strong, ethical culture rather than just sales driven outputs
  • motivate through a shared social purpose -"clear and fuzzy", allowing individaulism and independance
  • employees are now more confident, more mobile, more demanding, more idealistic in some cases, and less willing to be company people. Employees, more than ever, are individualists.
  • consider generational management

At a recent Exeter Business Leaders lecture, Deborah Meaden spoke about the challenges of managing and working with a number of generations in one organisation:

  • Baby Boomers – Born from ’46 to ‘64
  • Generation X – ’65 – ‘77
  • Generation Y – ’78 onwards 

She pointed out that each generation works in its own way and therefore needs to be managed accordingly to ensure they can all work to the best of their ability. However one size does not fit all and this is certainly true in marketing.

Marketeers are grappling with an increasing number of communication channels, decreasing budgets and an audience that is fickle and often price conscious, unless you are marketing a luxury brand. Never has it been more important than to ensure your brand keeps its promises to customers and retains their trust. Great customer experiences are crucial, loyal customers are more vital than ever but they are more fickle . Some of the world's most famous brands have been hit by scandals and controversies - think of VW and their emissions, corporate tax avoidance, Tesco and paying its suppliers.. the list goes on and on and lets not mention the banks!.

For marketeers working with their teams and their creatives, the challenges are great! Consumers are demanding products and services that are actively responsive and personal.

Remember customer engagement is not a direct journey and neither is employee engagement!