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Going Global?

If you are seeking wider markets for your products take a look at the global economies. Doug McWilliams, writing for the Chartered Institute of Marketing has taken a look at the world’s top 30 economies in 2020.


The Chinese economIy is forecast to be 80% of the size of the US economy (top of the table) by 2020 and be second in the table - currently it is 40% of the size. Japan is currently third. Other countries moving up the league table are eastern countries that are industrialising. These include India that will be number 5 , Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea. The commodity producing countries that include Russia which will be number 4, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran are catching up.


Falling down the league table include those European counties of Germany, Italy, Spain, Italy, France and the UK and technology is reinforcing the shift away from Western countries.


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