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Keep Talking

It’s not just one transaction that will make the long-term difference to your business but building lifetime customer value.  It is business critical to know your customers and profile them. Customer insight is important but you should supplement  this with systems like ACORN that will help segment your customers. This will help understand who is buying your products and services and help identify their potential value.

Develop a customer service plan and include all those people and functions who have contact with your customers. Make sure data is kept up to date and accurate and that a customer relationship management system records the contacts. Don’t forget to adhere to the data protection act, seek permission and keep data secure.

Not all customers make you money - identify who are the most profitable and why and focus on those. Look at their life cycle and what they want and when. Not all of your customers are the same so customer insight will help tailor your products.

This information is vital for your marketing - but make sure you use the preferred method of contact and that advertising spend is invested in the appropriate media channels. Use techniques such as customer surveys, newsletters, social media and emails to keep in touch. Make sure you allow a two - way conversation and respond accordingly. Monitor what is being said about your company and product in the media and in social media channels. If you need to, respond or take off line.

Think about rewarding loyalty – large schemes such as nectar points or large companies such as Boots are well established but you can have your own loyalty cards for frequent purchase and complimentary samples. Think about added perceived value.

If you do receive, any complaints respond quickly - make sure staff are trained and allow them to use their initiative. It’s important that the senior team are aware of any complaints and it should be a key performance indicator in any management team meeting.

Customer focus is so important to your business - make sure it is your top priority to know your customer and use this knowledge to forge strong lifetime relationships.



Customer promotion by Laura at St Mabyn Post Office