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Key Trends in Digital

the latest digital stats are staggering. Facebook has just reached one billion users! Google + is targeting 400 million members by the end of 2012 – currently it has 250 million sign ups. Digital channels are growing exponentially.

Google internet statistics reveal that over 65% of users are concerned over their internet privacy so how do we protect our users and ourselves.

Google’s is an online search engine dedicated to people search. 123people empowers anyone to find information about themselves and others – free and fast.

With more than 50 million unique visitors every month, 123people is one of the largest people search engines in the world. The search results come from both global as well as from country-specific, freely available data sources on the Internet that are not necessarily indexed by other search engines.

123people is currently available across 12 countries in ten languages. It also provides people search capability through mobiles with an app for iPhones and Android smartphones in the USA, Canada, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Poland.

A new Google interface, called WDYL – or "What Do You Love?" –brings together previews of various specialized Google searches in one place.Turn your browser to and Google will ask you the question of the hour: What do you love? Your response should go into the search box, and that little heart button on the right replaces your typical "search" button.

Google analytics connects our data and personalise the results of any data search. The Google Privacy policy was changed in 2012 to bring all their data into one location.

Its not just Google- BING has developed a social sidebar, linking in data from social networking to customise your experience. wants everyone to discover how they influence the world. With the rise of social media, the ability to affect others has been revolutionised. Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. The Klout Score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity and calculates your score How authoritative are we on – line?

This data allows us to be relevant and targeted in our marketing but we need to be careful. The EU Cookie Directive has legislated how we use cookies to track people’s web behaviour. Make sure you ask people opt in. Marketers must also be clear in any email communication that this has a commercial nature and that the originator of the message is not concealed. Make sure people opt in and ensure that you follow the rules of Data Protection. Do not collect data you will not use and safeguard it.

It is imperative that you make sure you build up trust and avoid those issues faced by high profile networks like “LINKEDIN” that have been hacked.