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The Law of Attraction!

No this isn't a blog about how to attract the right partner, secure a lottery win or create a new life.

Any business needs to reflect on how to attract and retain customers, building relationships over the long -term. With the increase in media channels, the rise of social media and ever increasing costs the savvy marketeer will be looking at ways to reduce spend and increase your return on investment! After all no single channel will be right for everyone. We all have many conversations, have a preferred way of receiving and reataining information, and even a preferred method of responding!

How best to do this starts with insight - what do your customers think and what appeals to them is a start. But if you dont know, make a start no matter how small and build on the insight you obtain. Are you talking to your customers or their gatekeepers? Are they propsects or returning customers? What are their media habits?

So map your customer's journey.Identify how ( and if) they want to be communicated with and where possible profile them. Test the effect of new channels of communication with a pilot. Allow people to opt out or to change channel. Test and respond accordingly.

Although many have converted to just email, direct mail ( DM) is still an effective method of communication. It can be personalised, tactile and highly targeted and has greater appeal with certain groups. If you want to include a sample, a voucher or provide detailed information then consider DM.  Integrating direct mail into a wider marketing campaign can build your brand and can lead to a better ROI ( return on investment). Email is quick and cost effective- but do people have time to open, read and respond? If the email doesn't display correctly people are not going to search.  However fashion and travel are two sectors that do well. Make sure your emails are relevant, interesting and avoid repition - no one wants to know about your sale again and again.

Your customer data is critical in any campaign. Segmented by lifesyle, product or category, correct and relevant  data will ensure that your campaigns drive repeat business and increased brand loyalty, recognition and ultimatley increased sales.