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Loving and Living your Brand!

An image is something you get whether you like it or not so better make sure it is a good one! Rightly or wrongly, first impressions count.  The large corporates invest huge amounts of money and make sure that their corporate identity is consistent and protected. Just think of Ford Motor Company and the Ford Oval, Coca- Cola and BP. The brand value is incalculable.

No matter what your business size, the advent of digital technologies means that you can communicate to your customers and make sure that you stand out from your competitors and differentiate your offer. Multiple channels of communication influence us all so it is important that consistent messages are communicated effectively. Brand values have to be maintained wherever you are in the world.

The term “Lovemarks” has been developed to describe brands that are loved by their customers – Apple, Starbucks and Amazon are a few but smaller businesses can work to be a Lovemark. A note of caution here both Starbucks, Amazon and Google have taken a hit in the UK following the disclosure of how much Corportation tax they have paid HMRC!

Whatever your brand, quality is key to the success and you must live your brand and it is critical that employees buy into your brand values, after all they are your ambassadors.

CoolBrands, has been canvassing the opinions of experts and consumers since 2001. Take a look and gain insight.

Amazingly, in a single year it is estimated that the average consumer has over 379,000 brand experiences. On a typical journey to work you may be exposed to 170 brands.

Millward Brown publish BRANDZ – a top 100 global brands, looking at brand value.

Some key points from the 2012 survey show:

  • Value – with the recession consumers appreciate value
  • Renewal is important
  • Relevance is as important as brand heritage
  • Reputation is vital – consumers have no patience with any organisation that violates trust
  • Reimagine your offer and look to the future
  • Brand Value is important
  • Ensure your brand has personality so it is differentiated
  • Western brands no longer dominate

So make sure you live and live your brand values. It isnt just your logo but your whole company ethos. I have been really impressed with First Great Western and Virgin Cross Country in their efforts to help their travellers with the terrible floods in 2012. The Liskeard team of the NFU Mutual offer outstanding customer care ! It is so important to your long term business success.