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Marketing Challenges

In these days of the plethora of communications channels, social media, media savvy consumers, individual personalisation, new opportunities such as  Artificial Intelligence the strain on the marketing budget and the return on investment is enormous.

Traditional advertsising is not enough. Consumers are highly influenced by brand language and look to experts and recommendations rather than advertising on TV or social media when identifying the best brands to buy, according to new research. More than a quarter will just justify their purchases if they feel connected to a specific brand or product according to agency Wunderman and highlighted recently in Marketing Week.

Unilever’s chief marketing and communications officer, Keith Weed, says ensuring the group’s brands show up consistently on different channels is important but sees the fragmentation of brands as “a massive risk for marketers”. Weed believes the array of digital platforms has given brands the opportunity to use location data and target different audience segments, but has led to increased brand fragmentation that is potentially a massive risk. 

Weed commented :

People sometimes say, ‘What keeps you awake at night?’, and it’s the integration of brand. That choice is fantastic but on the other side, it’s also fragmenting our brands. I don’t want to actually optimise it for any one channel; I want to optimise the brand experience. So even if it’s 85% optimised for mobile, if it’s 110% optimised for my brand, that’s great,”[email]

Integration is not the only issue- it is critical that your brand language is relevant and your brand is validated through personal reviews – exceeding expectations is key.

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