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Marketing Metrics and Accountability

Marketing directors are often accused of a lack of accountability. However it is really important at any level in the marketing team to instil a discipline of monitoring and evaluation.

This should include ROI but also customer insight, customer retention and shareholder value. A culture of efficiency, in a highly competitive market helps promote innovation and improved productivity. We use evidence to inform decision making but a good start is to ask why:

  • What is the problem, why?
  • Who does it affect – why ?
  • What circumstances and why?

Once you have framed the issue you can explore further using four sources of information:

  • Practitioner expertise where you draw on expertise and knowledge for a logical exploration
  • Local evidence using and analysing internal organisational evidence
  • Existing research evidence
  • Exploiting existing values and beliefs

I always like to immerse myself in an organisation and speak to as many of the team as possible before carrying out desk research using the excellent library at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Directors. However, before formulating any strategy and plan, customer insight is essential. These days customers expect a certain amount of personalisation – this means listening to your customer, working out what is of interest to them and developing creative and targeted engagement strategies. In a recession business buying cycles are longer so it is really important to make sure your marketing is relevant at every point of the buying cycle.