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Mobile Marketing: The Brighter Way To Engage Customers and Strangers

 Last year sales of global internet devices (smartphones, tablets) exceeded PC sales. The sales of these devices are growing at a rapid rate – particularly in China. These devices are being used to consume content - they do everything a PC does and more! According to e – Marketer (Oct 2012), as the use of these devices increases, the share of consumer time spent with major media decreases.

Stephane Kolinsky is the owner of Springboard Outsourcing and is passionate about the opportunities of mobile marketing. As a specialist in this area, Stephane has contributed this article that will give all marketers food for thought.

The staggering statistics show that 37% of digital marketers integrate their email campaigns with mobile campaigns and that email openers on smart phones have increased by 80% in the last six months!

What is mobile marketing?

Like online marketing, it is a mix of things. However, compared to online marketing it is more cost effective, faster to set-up, quicker to implement and much lower maintenance to manage.

In the mobile marketing mix are apps, mobile websites, mobile coupons, text marketing, opt-in options, social media, video, bespoke design, maps and QR codes.

As Stephane says:

“Mobile coupons are up to 10 times more likely to be redeemed than printed or ‘cut-out’ coupons. In a recent independent survey of 1368 UK consumers, 71% stated that they would like to receive text message offers from businesses and brands that they have used before! Very few businesses use mobile marketing even though their customers increasingly own smart phones or plan to upgrade to one in the future. On top of the high levels of smart phones ownership, is something else that makes mobile marketing very different other options you can consider.  People have a closer relationship with their smart phones than any other consumer tech product released in history, ever. If consumers have already adopted the technology, isn’t it time that you started thinking about using it to reach them? The opportunity is here and growing. My advice? Grab it now, ahead of your competitors”.

Stephane has five top tips on how mobile marketing can be used to cement relationships with your existing customers and help you market more effectively to strangers.

Stephane’s Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips

1.     Amplify other marketing activities by adding a blockbusting call-to-action that rewards people by sending them regular offers direct to their phone, much better than a one-dimensional call-to-action!

2.     Integrate social media with your coupons. Let people know they can share mobile offers with friends and family. Let them create a buzz so you don’t have to!

3.     Start an exclusive text club that rewards regular customers with special experiences and a higher level of care

4.     Let Groupon get people in the door, and use an automated mobile marketing to keep them coming back. Finally, a super easy way to turn that heavily subsidised footfall into profit!

5.     Use every opportunity to feed people into your mobile marketing pipeline but once they are on your list, always respect the privileged access you have to them. Remember, these are people that want to hear from you! Do not overdo it and loose them. Be good to them, be brief and be sparing when you reach out through mobile.

Thanks Stephane, we now need to incorporate mobile marketing into our marketing mix!  

 A more detailed analysis of mobile marketing opportunities can be found at: and