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Plymouth Drake Foundation

I have been an ambassador for a number of years with the Drake Foundation and always provided support with their marketing and fundraising as part of my CSR (corporate social responsibility .

Since 2008, the Drake Foundation has given grants of over £500,000 to over 250 local, voluntary and community groups in the Pymouth travel to work area. These have funded sports cubs, mental health charities, adult learning projects,  gardening groups, kids clubs a memory cafe for ex Royal Naval families ( a subject dear to my heart) and many more.

Two new grant funds are being launched this year:

  • The Drake Impact Fund proving funds to organisations with projects that will help overcome community challenges
  • The Foundation Fund that will help fund projects that will benefit the community

The organisation supports so many  community groups so with the support of Adgective  we develped an infographic.

A recent fundraising evening has raised over £2000 - a huge thank you to all those who provided prizes!! Soon there will be a Trek Fest and other fundraising opportuinities. As ever there are so many good  causes so how do we differentiate ourselves and show what we do Take a look at the infographic. Hopefuly that will start to help.  



For more information take a look at their website