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The power of WAW!!!

The Power of WAW! I am passionate about looking after the customer. Great Customer service starts from the moment you approach the business.

Key to this is a warm welcome, or as I put it, a warm, authentic welcome (WAW)! Just saying this makes me smile! Whilst this can be defined as a hospitable greeting for me this is much more than a welcoming smile and greeting. The tone of voice, the energy, the interest- these are qualities that really stand out and are interpreted as authentic by the customer. Read any customer review and many start with the welcome and the service received.

It is certainly something I look out for and my experience at the Royal Cornwall Show this year was no exception. This leaves me pondering for those who failed to make the grade…surely this reflects in generating future business? Today, many prospective customers are in hurry and are juggling several aspects of busy lives. However at a place like the Royal Cornwall Show this is a great opportunity to shine and start to make new relationships. Offering a warm welcome is the first step to break the ice, especially for those less confident customers. With the approach it is good to include an offer of help and a powerful phrase of welcome…..such as “how are you, can I help you?” Many organisations include this welcome as part of their training.

I will never forget, and it is a few years ago now, when working at Ford Motor Company all the sales team working at the Motor Show, received have a day’s training in how to say “hello”. Those lessons have stayed with me. 

Whatever your business, please don’t forget, a warm, authentic welcome is definitely the “power of waw”!