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Revitalising Direct Mail

With the all singing, all dancing digital era you might expect that the humble direct mail (DM) flyer to have declined. Email fatigue and concerns about junk email have shifted to the inbox but the two are complementary rather than competitive.

The brochure can have an immediate impact for high- end look and feel. So too can the discount voucher for value shopping! With both ends of the spectrum the basic principles remain:
1- careful targeting is key
2- relevant content and impactful design
3- be cognisant about environmental concerns

Good customer data is critical. Not just postcodes! For example information from the DVLA can identify when customers bought their last vehicle, geodemographic data, and partnership campaigns.
So, some top tips:

* be reactive not proactive - contact customers after they have interacted
* perfect your targeting and send relevant communications - do not do mass mail shots
* send value such as a coupon or a brochure
* use personalisation to treat different people differently with separate messages, offers and formats
* try QR codes with great call to action options to incentivise customers to try this format
* people's behaviour is more predictive than demographics 
* utilise a multi channel campaign - allow them to respond on line and monitor
* do not use DM in isolation 
* try and reach influencers who will then spread the word digitally via Facebook or twitter
* track all responses and channels of response
So make sure your DM is targeted for maximum impact!

direct mail example