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Women in Sport


Traditionally women take part in less sport than men in spite of the health benefits. Sport England developed an active women programme, investing £10m of National Lottery Funding to support projects to increase participation. The projects had to focus on women who are caring for children under 16 years of age or live in disadvantaged communities.

The first evaluation report is now out and the projects are demonstrating many positive results. However, recruitment can be challenging for a number of reasons. Women can be very self - conscious about themselves and lack confidence. They also remember how difficult it may have been during their school days and can be concerned about their level of fitness. In terms of recruitment – or as I would say, marketing the opportunities - the evaluation report suggests:

  • face to face recruitment at events where women can meet the coach
  •  taster sessions
  • encouraging existing participants to bring a friend
  •  wide promotion throughout the community
  • form links with other organisations so you can deploy partnership marketing tactics
  • provide easy to access information about what the sessions will entail
  • “myth - busting” – including removing perceptions such as you may have to be in shape already to enjoy sport,  that others are experts etc


Sport England has a host of research and stats to help organisations market sport -

The impact of London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will help inspire many to get active so it is important that any programmes and courses are marketed and communicated effectively. The principles are the same when marketing to any audience. Understand your target market and adapt accordingly. Sport England has a handy web tool to help understand your sports market segmentation –

Sport England has recently published insight summaries on their research so check this out at:,1126C,3T9OCZ,35BIN,1

The PDF of the report is attached but you can also access this on the Sport England website.