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Valuable Brands

We are all aware of the value of brands - and what happens when things change. Powerful brands create strong, permanent and positive associations. Brand Finance has reported that brand is not just about product, but about other qualities including energy, respectability and personality.

Think Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Samsung,GE, McDonalds, Amazon.  Top risers include Facebook, Hermes, Nissan with New entrants including Lego, Paypal, MINI - its all changing. Ford Motor Company where are you ? 

Loving and Living your Brand!

An image is something you get whether you like it or not so better make sure it is a good one! Rightly or wrongly, first impressions count.  The large corporates invest huge amounts of money and make sure that their corporate identity is consistent and protected. Just think of Ford Motor Company and the Ford Oval, Coca- Cola and BP. The brand value is incalculable.

Doom Bar and Sharps Brewery- Living the Brand

CoolBrands have just voted Doom Bar, the great Cornish beer as the coolest ale brand in the UK! An Expert Council of influencers and members of the British public chose Doom Bar.

Approximately 1,250 were shortlisted and two separate groups of voters - the independent and voluntary Expert Council, comprising 39 opinion-formers and a nationally representative group of just under 3,000 British adults scored this shortlist. The opinions of the Expert Council (80%) and the British public (20%) were combined and the best performing brands awarded CoolBrands status.