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customer insight

Customer Insight

Research from the CIM suggests that we all see over 1500 marketing messages a day, maybe more !! What an onslaught and potential sensory overload.  Products and services have to fight to be seen.

We're busier than ever before- not just with emails but Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest. Traditional TV is now a plethora of channels- terrestrial, cable, which channel? Are Press adverts still read?

Marketing Metrics and Accountability

Marketing directors are often accused of a lack of accountability. However it is really important at any level in the marketing team to instil a discipline of monitoring and evaluation.

This should include ROI but also customer insight, customer retention and shareholder value. A culture of efficiency, in a highly competitive market helps promote innovation and improved productivity. We use evidence to inform decision making but a good start is to ask why:

The Law of Attraction!

No this isn't a blog about how to attract the right partner, secure a lottery win or create a new life.