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Philanthropy in Fashion

A recent article in " Style" by the Sunday Times has detailed a new level of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by some European Fashion Houses.This gives a great insight into some of the wonderful work and causes being supported.

Diego Della Valle, is boss of Tod's leatherware houes and he has recently invested 25million Euros (£21million) in the first phase of the Colosseum's restoration, contributing to the safegarding of one of the world's most iconic buildings.

Fendi has recently contributed 2.2 million to the facelift of the Trevi Fountain.

Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success is a charity that helps women look the part to find jobs. It gives women the tools to get back into the workplace – they may be struggling to get on the job ladder.64% of clients have been turned down by more than 50 jobs. They are given an outfit to wear to an interview as well as training and career advice. I have been pleased to help in a very small way by sending clothes and accessories.

Be great to have some regional equivalents.


Fashion Manufacturing in the UK- What's happening!

Last week saw the start of the new Mary Portas programme, Mary's Bottom Line. Mary wants to revitalise British fashion manufacturing and sets up a factory at the Headen & Quarmby textiles factory in Middleton – half an hour from central Manchester. Headen and Quarmby, established in 1935,  ceased trading eight years ago. Thirty years ago Middleton was an industrial hub with 11 clothing factories, now the area has high levels of unemployment and deprivation.